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Search for capacitive type electrical defaults (Corona effect, electrical path, arcing, partial discharge…) on middle and high voltage installations HTA & HTB (U > 1000 V).

Exemple d’installation HTB

HTB installation

What are the problems with capacitive electrical defaults on medium and high voltage lines ?

Capacitive electrical defaults (who generate ultrasonic waves) on middle and high voltage installation create problems on connections, cables, insulators, disruptors…and are problem sources of:

  • Safety of people and property (fire, explosion, mechanical piece breakdown , corrosion, …)
  • Noise, audible parasite noise
  • Electromagnetic interference by conduction or by air transmission (radio interference)
  • Chemical pollutions (CORONA creates Ozone, NH4, NO3…)

Capacitive electrical default search solution

With the LEAKSHOOTER LKS1000, equipped with combined vision/ultrasonic detection technology with standard cone use, it is possible to easily detect these electrical defaults by scanning the cables, the connections, the insulators,… from 5-10 m distance or more (regarding security rules in these installations).

Leakshooter LKS 1000

Leakshooter LKS 1000

Then, when the default zone is identified with the cone, it is possible to take a photo to make a future technical report for reparation.

This whole procedure can be realized with or without the headphone, thanks to the automatic and dynamic target on screen during this detection (see below).

Recherche de défaut électrique capacitif à moyenne et haute tension

Leakshooter LKS 1000

Example with a 63.000 V installation

Bad mechanical and ground connection under 63.000 V, electrical arcing is easily detected with the LEAKSHOOTER LKS1000 at 3 m distance thanks to it automatic/dynamic target and with the headphones which with we can hear arcing characteristic sound.

Ultrasonic Leak detection, for compressed air and gaz, vacuum, steam  with embedded camera.