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Gas Leaks

Looking for compressed process gas leaks in industry like :

  • CO (carbon monoxide)
  • O2 (oxygen)
  • N2 (azote)
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • Natural gas…
Exemple d’installation pour distribution d’oxygène

Example of an oxygen distribution installation

What are the problems with leaks on process gas network installation?

Leaks in process gas industrial installations are causing a lot of problems like:

  • Safety of people and property (explosive gas, irritant gas, toxic gas, deadly gas,…)
  • Additional costs related to the loss of evacuated gas leaks, not operated in the process
  • Permanent use of gas controller (sometimes for each type of gas)

Leak search solution for pressurized gas (minimum 300 mBar)

With the LEAKSHOOTER LKS1000, equipped with combined vision/ultrasonic detection technology with standard cone use, it is possible to easily detect these leaks by scanning the process gas installation, the connections, the valves… approximately 1 meter far away or more.

Then, when the zone leak is identified with the cone, it is possible to approach it and connect the flexible probe to finely check the leak and carry out necessary repairs.

This whole procedure can be realized with or without the headphone, thanks to the automatic and dynamic target on screen during leak detection (see below).

Mire automatique et dynamique lors d'une fuite localisée

Ultrasonic Leak detection, for compressed air and gaz, vacuum, steam  with embedded camera.