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Temperature inspection
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2017 SYNERGYS TECHNOLOGIES the movie a new story !


In 2016 was for SYNERGYS TECHNOLOGIES the year of changes new look new colors for new products brand new website to give you straight the information you need.

After the LEAKSHOOTER the first ultrasonic detector with embedded camera to detect and see compressed air gaz and vacuum leaks on all your installations

SYNERGYS TECHNOLOGIES imagine and develops a second innovation the VSHOOTER

VSHOOTER is a brand new concept of vibration analysis

An easy to use intuitive tool that will change the life of all your technicians !

VSHOOTER was unveiled at the international trade fair in Hanover in April 2016 and made a real impression !In September 2016 official launch of the VSHOOTER on the international market In 2017 even more innovations new products new partnerships and an expanding network.

In 2017, SYNERGYS TECHNOLOGIES will make the show with videos news to support you and give you maximum assistance and information.

Ultrasonic Leak detection, for compressed air and gaz, vacuum, steam  with embedded camera.