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Vibration analysis monitoring

VShooter : analyse vibratoire par Synergys Technologies

Vibration analysis is one of the ways to monitor the health of rotating machinery in operation.

The objectives of this approach are:

  • reduce the number of stops on breakdowns;
  • increase the production tool reliability
  • increase the availability rate;
  • improve the management spare parts stocks

From the vibrations regularly collected on a rotating machine, vibration analysis is to detect any problems and to monitor their evolution in order to plan or postpone
mechanical intervention.

  • Monitoring: the goal is to follow the evolution of a machine by comparing successive statements of its vibrations. A rising trend of some indicators compared to reference values constituting the signature, usually alert the technician on a probable malfunction. Ideally, the signature is established from a first measurement campaign on the new machine or revised;
  • Diagnosis: it implements more sophisticated mathematical tools. It allows to select the defective machine element causing the abnormal vibrations, detected during the monitoring..
    To perform monitoring and automatic diagnosis of 75% of the most common defects, in a simply and friendly way,, SYNERGYS TECHNOLOGIES has developed the VSHOOTER the first vibration analysis camera.

Ultrasonic Leak detection, for compressed air and gaz, vacuum, steam  with embedded camera.