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CoroCAM for high voltage installation CORONA inspection

Corona occurs where high local electrical field strength ionises air, resulting in power losses, ozone and nitric acid formation, audible noise, RF interference and UV emissions – all of which are destructive to infrastructure and/ or surrounding equipment.

Under high enough local elecrical fields and insufficient insulation between two electrodes, sparking or arcing can occur which will generate UV emissions and heating of the terminal points and or surface. The UV emissions can be visualised with CoroCAM cameras manufactured by UVIRCO Technologies.

Corona effect

UVIRCO Technologies is the original corona camera manufacturer. It is the only manufacturer of UV emission visualisation cameras that offers a full range of systems.

UViRCO Technologies manufactures the CoroCAM family of UV emission visualisation equipment under license from the CSIR and sell these products throughout the world via a network of distributors. SYNERGYS TECHNOLOGIES  is the official CoroCAM distributor for following countries :

France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Algeria, Tunisia and Moroco.

SYNERGYS TECHNOLOGIES has acquired extensive experience in the field of UV inspection over the past 20 years. It also offers its services for the realization of quality UV inspection services world wide.

Appli Corocam

Typical applications for corona detection :

  • Monitoring transmission line audible noise levels for acceptability e.g. from Radio and TV Interference sources, preventing or solving complaints.
  • Auditing if HV equipment has been installed and maintained correctly or is damaged, thus preventing costly line outages.
  • Monitoring the condition of wooden pole installations to prevent fires and burn-outs.
  • Checking the condition of all types of insulators and if they are damaged possibly leading to the beginnings of failure.
  • Measuring the outcome of research efforts into new or improved equipment or laboratory failure investigations.
  • Checking if insulators withstand pollution well, e.g. by looking for signs of corona from dry-band arcing (this may lead to flashover and line outages).
  • Determining the location and level estimation of significant corona power losses.
  • Determining the location of corona sources in distribution panels, in factories or even underground.
  • Checking motors, generators and other rotating electrical equipment.
  • Locating flames, including from colourless burning sources.

And there are likely to be a number of other possible applications that have not yet been realised or quantified.

Ultrasonic Leak detection, for compressed air and gaz, vacuum, steam  with embedded camera.