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Temperature inspection
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CoroCAM 6D / 6N

Economical daylight corona imaging camera

Corocam 6D/6N

The CoroCAM 6D is a robust, light weight, solar blind, easy to operate UVC imaging system used to visualize & locate electrical discharges (Corona and Arcing) from HV hardware.

The CoroCAM 6D is a re-development of the CoroCAM Solar Blind UVC Imaging System with an emphasis on cost reduction through innovative design. Sensitivity was improved through the use of newly designed solar blind filter packs and a specially developed low noise, high sensitivity detector.

Modernised electronics were added to reduce weight, system noise and size. The CoroCAM 6D is typically used to inspect HV infrastructure operating at 3.3kV and above for corona discharges and can detect arcing.

Ultrasonic Leak detection, for compressed air and gaz, vacuum, steam  with embedded camera.